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A flirtatious, overzealous bastard would about sum up the man in a few words. Gender nor age matters to him, he will flirt with anyone he meets... and that's not all either. If he so desires, he will do some damage, and in the most sadistic way possible. See, He’s the happy sadistic type… he’ll tell you that you’re about to explode in a sing song voice with the sweetest smile on his face. Nothing seems to get him down either, not even an attempt to murder him. However, he's not all about sadism and loving to see others suffer... He actually does have a sweet and honest side... if you can believe it. How could you hate that face… so sweet and adorable…? You’ll find a way to quickly.

[This is an OC RP account]
[Percy uses the face claim of Kou from Monochrome Factor (C) Kaili Sorano]

Mun will, RP any universe and is up for anything you can come up with. Feel free to shoot a message or an ask my way and we'll work things out. Mun WILL RP with canon characters AND OCs from any and all fandoms.
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